Monday, 31 January 2011

Thank God THAT'S Over With

So. The 31st of January.  Really I'm relieved.

No. Really...

So far 2011 has not been that great.  January started with a flood and ended with a mild case of institutionalization. I'm just sayin' it coulda gone better.  But lets be optimistic and look at this as a time of new beginnings.  Things can only get better right?  And as one door closes a window opens.

Or some such shit.

I am ever the optimist...

Optimist. Thats me.

So to everyone out there who has had a shitty 2011 so far.... HAVE A FANF*@#INGSTASTIC FEBRUARY! And don't worry, Valentines Day has never actually killed anyone... as far as I know...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Who Knew

So who knew I was a sexy young guy with a penchant for old rock music?  Ok well I knew about the rock music....

Courtesy of the Supernatural Personality Quizz.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Hip Hop Killed Me

So in a fit of ... being fit... I decided to start Hip Hop dancing.  After more than 10 years since my last dance class I thought this would be the least difficult option to 'ease' into things. It was not.  I died.  Who knew any form of dancing would use muscles in your arms you never even knew you had?

Anyhoo, being a glutton for punishement, I will definately go back for more torture. And possibly buy a book on hip hop dancing cause moves like the 'fishy' are just way too complicated without written instructions. Well for me anyway.

On a better note I discovered new music. And as that is my goal in life and my obsession over the last year... YAY ME!

Problem is these guys are in Chicago. And I'm in SA. And apparently SA doesn't know about them yet. Sucks.

Another Friday another balls to the wall...slack off.

And for all the Twitarded ladies out there...

Friday, 14 January 2011

Irritableness. I haz It.

Ok, so I don't even know if 'irritableness' is a word, but regardless, I seriously haz it.  Considering I got almost no sleep last night the irritability factor is at an all time high.  And let me just say so far 2011 sucks.  It all started back in 2 weeks ago, when my house was flooded.  Straight through.  I'm talking The River Wild right through my place of safety, just without a buff Meryl Streep and a freaky Kevin Bacon (well at least there's that).  And this was the second time its happened in 2 years.  So come Feb I'm outta here.  Hopefully.  The landlords are like Landlords of Procrastination so who knows.  I am currently living with half my possessions in my garage, which stays dryer than my house, and the rest  in my lounge.  I have relocated the 'bedroom' to the lounge as the actual bedroom is soggy and STINKS.  And I am just OCD enough that I do not like everything out of place like this. Ergo I am irritable.  Permanently.

And in the wee hours of this morning my lovely doggy came in with some sticky shit ALL OVER HIM.  He'd managed to get himself stuck to one of those flytraps covered in the non-toxic albeit terminally stick stuff.  Its supposed to catch fly's people not Jack Russell's!! How he even got it I dunno, but I had to spend who knows how long getting it off.  Just so you know, if you ever find yourself in this situation, use dishwashing liquid.  Not dog shampoo, not acetone, not soap, and not olive oil (I was getting desperate).  Dishwashing liquid.  Now you know.

Ergo much muchness of irritability.

And on top it all off, thanks to my lack of sleep headache, my head throbs when I try to chew toast.  That's just about all I can take right there.

A small bright light in this desolation of irritability came with the latest post of Kristen Stewart wants IT.  I was thankful to see the update in my Inbox, cause I always get a few chuckles.  I got a bit nervous when I saw references to Justin Bieber, cause that ain't good for my irritationometer,

See what I mean?  I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.O.N.

but then I read "I re-watched the VMAs the other day and I stand by my assessment of Justin Bieber: Michael Jackson would have molested the shit out of that kid." 

My day has just improved slightly.  Thank you kristenstewartwantsit!

I am now about to move on to my daily dose of Twitarded.  The day can only improve from there....

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Annnnnd... I am clairvoyant.

Just heard on the radio that the Hobbit movie is imminent and it WILL be in two parts.  That was just wishful thinking on my part, but news does get to deepest darkest Africa rather slowly.  Yay Me!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Official HD

Finally. I can't wait for this movie to come out, not least becasue I have refrained from buying any of the dvd's so I can get the 7 (8) part box set. Although been wating for a Star Wars 6 part box set and so far the only one I've found is coming out this year sometime on Blu-Ray. Why do I always need to upgrade my technology?

Busy reading the Deathly Hallows...again. In between Twilight fanfic (shh I didnt say that). And then I'll probably start with book 1 again and read through the lot. Harry Potter not Twilight. Wish Daniel Radcliffe would do more comedy. I really enjoy the few funnies he puts out in HP. Don't spose there's too much chance of that on this last film.

OMG! Now there are no-more Harry Potter films to wait for. And Twilight is in its death throws too (although I am not so into the movies as the books {{ssh I didn;t say that}}). What next? Somehow Percy Jackson, while fun, is not quite the same. Bring on the Hobbit. In two parts...