Wednesday, 6 November 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Happily Ever After Badge



These books. I've often said it, rereading these books is like visiting with old friends. It's comfortable and familiar, but it never gets boring. Each time I read them I learn something new about these characters that I love, that I missed the last time.

I never stop wishing that Nate didn't have to die. I never stop hoping that Emi would give Jack a chance. I never stop praying that Jack would give Emi one more chance.  I never don't sigh with satisfaction as I read the last line:

"and I never look back."
In the end, everybody got their happy ending. Yes, even Nate. I often find myself wondering what would've happened if Nate hadn't died.  I've even dragged Lori into this discussion with me.  And I think that, sure, somehow the three of them would have made their lives work, would have been content, but I also see a fair amount of disillusionment and disappointment. 
Maybe Emi was Nate's soulmate. And maybe Jack was Emi's. And maybe, everybody got everything they wanted in the end.

I enjoyed this group read so much, even if I had to scramble and play catch-up at the end.  And I will be grateful everyday that I stumbled upon these books.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Broken Thumb badge


She punched him. She actually punched him. AND she totally punched him like a girl and injured herself in the process.  Not that she doesn't deserve it...

Granted, some of the things Jack says to Emi in this chapter may be a little harsh.  But she seriously needs a wake up call. I don't think Emi set out to string Jack along or hurt him in any way, but she hasn't really been considering his feelings either. She's just coasted along in a little comfort zone, not wanting to face any real decisions.

Well, Emi, my girl. It's time to put your big girl panties on and grab hold of that Jack and never, ever let him go!

Monday, 4 November 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Butterfly Ring Badge


Everything seems to be going perfectly for our couple. She's met the family and they love her (for the most part). They're talking marriage and babies and he just might've bought a ring (see above).

So why is she pulling away now? Why is distancing herself from the person who grounds her, gives her stability and security...?

Dun dun DUN...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Rainbows and Unicorns Badge


Sigh. That Jackson Holland. He's ruined me for all other men. 

So, this chapter is (mostly) rainbows and unicorns, with Christmas thrown in for good measure, so it's like the best chapter ever written in the history of ever.  Things are looking good, really good, for our couple. But there are still a few storm clouds headed their (our) way. That's the way with life and one of the reasons I love these books so much. They're true to life.

Friday, 1 November 2013