Thursday, 10 November 2011

Music Is My Life... Erm... Always

So this year has been hectic, and I haven't had anything interesting to blog about. Sitting down and writing something takes time and thought, and lately I've had neither.

But I have been adding playlists to my blog, thanks to  The first playlist is for an awesome fic called Take This Heart. It's just an scintillating story that makes you think.  Well it made me think. In fact I still find myself pondering aspects of that story.  And I've made a great friend (I stalk her, she has no choice) in the author, BookwormBaby2580, who puts up with my relentless music tweeting. She is the also the reason for the numerous music additions to my iPod lately.

The second playlist is from another, ongoing fic called Prelude in C, which I've already blogged about. ATONAU kindly lets me play with her music and the result is that playlist.

And finally, the third playlist is my incomplete list of favourite music.  I was headed toward 300 songs and thought that may be a bit much, but honestly, I don't think such a list could ever be complete.

The end of the year is nigh (thank fuck) and before we know it Christmas will be upon us.  I hope December and the time off work that goes along with it come quickly.