Wednesday, 30 October 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Wine Badge


Wow. Getting passed the the previous chapters is a struggle. I've mentioned before that this is only the third book in my life that I have cried in. I'm not a crier, but these chapters still get to me. Lori's writing is so relatable. It's just so easy to slip into Emi's head and sob with her.

And the heartache is not over, but you can glimpse light peaking over the horizon.


ELAG Group Read - The Tissue Box Badge


Oh help. 

Ms Otto really is evil. She made us all think everything was fine, only to rip our hearts out later. We were so hopeful...

ELAF Group Read - The Giraffe Badge


This is now the third or fourth time I've read this book. And I still find my tummy in knots reading the last few pages. 

It doesn't get any easier, even though I know that good times are coming. And there's no way the good can come without the bad first.

I'm bracing myself for what I know I will be facing in Time Stands Still.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

ELAF Group Read - The Flower Badge

Oh man, I suck so bad... One week (not even) left of the group read and I have finally earned badge number.... Four. 

Yep, number four of twelve. Go me.

Anywhoodle, I have pledged to catching up and catch up I shall! Just you watch.

I love and hate this chapter (chapter 12 of Lost and Found) because Nate acts like a douche. He really does, and as a reader you kind of cover your eyes and grit your teeth through it all, watching him be all douchey. BUT, Nate realizes it. And the end of this chapter forces him to take a long hard look at himself, and he comes out of it the man we all know he really is.