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Contessa (Choisie #1) 99¢ (R11.52ish)

Livvy Holland was adopted by a generous and wealthy couple as a child. Now sixteen, she is a burgeoning artist, encouraged by her mother and inspired by a man she was never able to meet. Feeling estranged from a loving father whose mind works much differently than her own, she questions whether or not she was paired with the right guardians. In her plight for independence, she reconnects with a fellow art student who grew up alongside Livvy.

Jon Scott has led anything but a privileged life. After his father passes away, he is left to care for his two half-brothers while his mother’s alcoholism threatens to tear his family apart. All he wants for himself and his brothers is a better life. His dreams for an Ivy League education are coming to fruition, thanks to a lifetime of hard work and ambition. This is not only important to Jon himself; he also knows that the man who will win Livvy’s heart has to be someone exceptional. Her father would accept nothing less–and Jon believes that Livvy deserves the best of everything, too.

That may be the only thing Jon and Livvy’s father agree upon.

Over the course of their courtship, these two teens will experience the bliss of true love, but their immaturity and differing lifestyles will also threaten to tear them apart. They both begin to question the other’s devotion and commitment; only time will tell if their first love is meant to last a lifetime. —summary courtesy of Lori L. Otto

MY REVIEW - Amazing coming of age story

 I really enjoyed this book. Lori L. Otto does an amazing job at taking us through a young girl's first love as well as her first real teenage rebellions. This book brought back a lot of memories for me.

 The family dynamic described in the book is also great. Parents can also make mistakes and Lori does not shy away from showing this. Raising a teenager seems to be to one of the most daunting things a parent can face and Lori shows this wonderfully too. The family fights are so heartbreaking, but the making up is so heartwarming. No family is perfect. Even the most picture perfect family has it's problems.

Teenagers always want to grow up too fast, and perhaps the thing I loved most about this book (and related to so much) was the pushing, pushing, pushing of Livvy, and to a certain extent Jon, and the struggle of Emi and Jack to give enough freedom but not too much. Both teens realised that they were asking for, perhaps, more than they could realistically handle. And I loved this growth of character.

The romance is sweet and envy enducing and the family life is wonderful and realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone from the age of 16 and beyond.

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