Wednesday, 5 September 2012

PROJECT 365: Part 14

It's a cold and overcast Wednesday morning, and what better way to brighten things up than pretty pictures? Lets jump straight in!

Day 146: Tea Ducky!
My awesome friend Worm, sent me this all the way from America!  A number of my twitter friends have sent me pictures of ducky tea infusers from all over the world, but I've never seen one in South Africa.  I am so chuffed with this little guy I can't use enough exclamation points!!!!  He floats in my tea so sweetly it just improves every cup of tea.

Day 147: Filing assistant.
I decided to be productive on this particular Sunday, and do some home filing.  I'd left my papers etc to accumulate to unreasonable proportions so it was well past time I attended to it.  And Oliver was so sweet to offer to help...

Day 148: Ana.
My awesome friend Worm, sent me this ducky all the way from America! Worm had already named her and as the name was so apt, it stuck. Erm, Ana vibrates.  'For discreet massage'... ahem... She works wonders on tense shoulders...

Day 149: Say my name.
Pet jewellery.

Day 150: Queueueueue...
Stuck in a queue at the pharmacy.  And as soon as I took this photo, my phone's battery died so I was stuck with nothing to do, nothing to read, no tweeting possible and I was SO BORED!!!!  I got a great comment on this photo on Facebook.  One of my followers is the curator of the photograph collection at the Cultural History Museum and often has some little comment or just 'likes' my 365 Project photos as I post them.  For this photo she commented that my photo a day project is actually an anthropological documentation.  I had never thought of that, but I guess she's right.  One hundred years from now, projects like this could be really interesting to heritage professionals.  That comment made me kinda happy.

Day 151: The great music library rescue of 2012.
Obviously there is a story behind this photo.  I store my entire music collection on an external hard-drive, as my laptop only has a 60 something gigabyte hard-drive and my iPod has 160GB of memory which I plan to fill.  So far I'm up to 60.7GB of memory used on my iPod.  My external hard-drive had started giving trouble.  It would just disconnect from the computer for no reason.  Then it wouldn't connect at all, then it would, then it would disconnect mid music sync... It was getting unacceptably frustrating.  And of course my entire music collection was on there, so I didn't want to take any chances.  Darren offered to let the IT guys at his work look at it, and I thankfully accepted his offer.  So my hard-drive was at Darren and my sister's house.  And Darren and my sister's house was broken into.  And everything and anything looking like it had something to do with computers was taken.  Their laptops, their external hard-drive and my external hard-drive.  And strangely enough, some clothes and perfume...  When I heard the news my stomach plummeted to the depths of despair.  But before it dropped to utter hopelessness, I thought to myself that all that music is actually stored on my iPod.  How to get it off the iPod and onto my work computer...?  Google is my friend, and I discovered that iTunes has a backup function.  So I plugged my iPod in and started restoring my music library to my work PC.  Immediately, at work.  I needed to get this done.  And that is what's happening in this photo.  I'm still going through everything as it's not organized the way I want and there seem to be a few things missing, but all in all PHEW!  My sister and Darren were also quite lucky, as although a lot of electronic stuff was taken a lot was also left behind.  All in all, it could have been much worse.  And their kitty was fine which, lets face it, is the most important thing.

Day 152: Fill me!
Shopping at the local Spar, filling up for the weekend.

Day 153: Too cool for... wedding dresses. PS this isn't the one.
SisHaw keeps her sunglasses on for wedding dress fittings coz that's just how she rolls.  Yep we went dress shopping this day, and yes she found the dress.  Not this one, as the caption says.  I was going to do a whole post on this day of dress shopping, but there is still more shopping to be done for shoes and things, so I figured I would do one wedding clothes shopping post once everything has been found and bought.  Something for y'all to look forward to.

Day 154: Supernatural Sunday.
My current, renewed obsession.  I can't really say more than that or I will keep you here all day reading about the wonder that is Jensen Ackels/Dean Winchester.  I might even talk about Wincest fanfiction and we don't really want that, do we...?

Day 155: 'Nother new toy!
You know my sparkly, bouncy ball office distraction from Day 107?  It's battery is dying.  So sad.  So when a colleague found that out and found out that I had plans to get another one from the museum where I had bought it, he got me a new one as he had to go there for...something.  And when he went again, he got me this yo yo that LIGHTS UP AND SINGS!  Awesome.  I have been told that my office is like a toy store (I was told that this week actually) and there is always something fun to see and play with.  Well, duh.  It's my office.  Course it's that way, what other way would it be?

Day 156: Tummy rub.
 A fast action shot of Penny receiving a tummy rub.  Coz that's my purpose in life, apparently.

Day 157: When I grow up I'm gonna be sweet smelling jasmine.
Budding jasmine means my favourite time of year is just around the corner.

Day 158: Name changes.
Here in South Africa we go through these periods where everything gets a name change: provinces, cities, suburbs, streets, airports.  Obviously the first major name changing took place right after our first democratic elections.  Some of the name changes are perfectly understandable.  Some make no sense at all.  One morning a few months ago I woke up to numerous street name changes throughout Pretoria.  How do they do this overnight?! It's like magic.  The photograph above shows a few example's.  Another example is the name of the street I live in.  Zambezi Drive has been changed to Sefako Makgatho Drive.  Now apparently Mr Sefako Makgatho was the second president of the ANC so he deserves to be memorialized.  But what the Zambezi river ever did to insult our country and be removed as a street name, I'll never know.  Also, Zambezi is just much easier to say.

Day 159: It's bandana time!
When you see these bandana's all over the Pick 'n Pay supermarkets it's just another sign that warmer and happier days are coming!  Every year Pick 'n Pay sells these bandana's to raise money for The Sunflower Fund, an organisation to help children suffering from leukaemia.  National Bandana Day is on 12 October.  Every year, the bandana's have a different design, and I have a fair few colourful ones in my cupboard.

Day 160: Happy Spring Day!
It's officially Spring in South Africa! And New Zealand.  And other southern hemisphere countries I guess...  What better way to illustrate this than with blooming jasmine? There is no better way, none at all.

Day 161: Last packet of American cheesy goodness. So sad.
My awesome friend Worm, sent me three packets of Cheez-It's all the way from America!  This was my last packet.  Super sad.

Day 162: Always accessorise! (or, in my case, 'seldom accessorise' but sssshhhh)
Generally, I'm too lazy or too late to worry about accessorizing much.  Especially for work.  I do put more effort in for social events, promise.  Also, I have discovered that adding things like make-up and jewellery depends a lot on my mood and how I feel about myself.

Day 163: Blue shoes.
It is my aim in life to have one pair of ballet flats in every colour.  Luckily, my sister is my enabler in this case.

Day 164: Smells like rain.
It really does.

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