Friday, 20 January 2012


As you can see from the title of this post, I want to say Happy Birthday to a special friend I've made over the past year. I started following TwiKiwi after I read about her planned journey to the USA over at Twitarded. Unfortunately she couldn't go at the same time as the FORKS 2011 trip, but she was going to Forks just the same, and leaving some gifts for her fellow Twatwaffles. I sent a follow request on Twitter, which she graciously accepted and thus began my long-distance relationship with TwiKiwi.

I so enjoyed all her tweets throughout her trip, and even found myself looking up many of the places she was visiting. I looked forward to every update on Twitter and her blog and really did live vicariously through her.

Fortunately, our little friendship continued when she finally returned to New Zealand. I have met many wonderful people through TwiKiwi online, I have read many wonderful fics because of TwiKiwi, and I have received additions to my growing ducky collection from TwiKiwi....

I now have 3 KiwiDucks, who have pride of place in my bathroom

I also got to taste chocolate fish, which are VERY moreish, thanks to TwiKiwi. I also now know that I am fuckawesome, because if the Kiwi says it, it must be true. I just wanted to take a moment to let her know that I am truly thankful for her friendship and value it so much. We may not have met in person (yet) but I consider TwiKiwi to most definitely be a RL friend!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIWI GIRL! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, hugs, chocolate fish and many, many decadent (and possibly sparkly) things!