Thursday, 8 November 2012

Almost Married

The Wedding Part 4 (go here for part 3)

This past Saturday we threw SisHaw's Bridal Shower/Pamper Party.  I think it went rather well.  It wasn't a huge crowd which I think was good.  And Mouse got some lovely gifts!

I was under strict instructions not to include any silly games or strippers (and I really cannot blame her for that), so I thought up a procedure for the gift opening.  My sister had to guess who the gift was from. If she got it wrong, I popped a piece of bubblegum into her mouth.  Then the person who gave the gift had to read her one of a series of questions which I had asked Darren (and received his answers) beforehand.  If she got that wrong, it meant another piece of bubblegum!  But she got very few questions wrong.  She knows Darren well.  So well in fact, that she fought with him for giving the wrong answers!

I had to sit right next to her because I was the present-passer, the bubblegum-inserter and the question-pass-arounder.

Nothing like a great big hat to make you feel a little bit silly.

I went to all the trouble of making her chair pretty and she popped a balloon as she sat down.

First present.
From my Mom.  There was more than one present per person so the guessing was fun, as elimination was not a sound guessing method.

Apparently MaHaw expects there to be some sexy times on honeymoon.

Nikki drinks.
I had to specifically pose for this as certain people wanted proof of me drinking alcohol.  Oh dear friends, if only you could see the photos of me from the 1990's...

Aromatherapy lotion and body wash.  It smelled delicious!

Candles! And more of Nikki drinking...

Looks like someone gave Mouse a good idea...

This is SisHaw giving MaHaw the 'no you cannot have any of these chocolates' bitchface.

'Pamper' done right.

Oh my goodness gracious! What do people think they're going to be doing on this honeymoon?  You can't sight-see in that!

She had no idea that little one was from me.  And my poker face was excellent!

Doggies are always invited.

She doesn't seem that interested, does she? Well I thought they were pretty...

Pink, furry handcuffs from the mother-in-law.  Awesome.  And, believe it or not she has not read Fifty Shades of Grey. Yet. SisHaw seems.... erm.... What is that expression?

Something new and something blue.

I think the bubblegum was getting a bit much by this point ;)

I am a riveting speaker.  As you can tell.

Ooooooh!  Smellies!

Vanilla scented candles.

She starting making this funny face every time I wanted to add a piece of bubble gum...

These women had dirty, dirty minds.

Half way through.
And half-time.
...where we ate these...

Purple velvet cup cakes!
On with the presents!

Another gift from Mom.  And another piece of bubblegum, which she loves. As you can tell from her expression.

I'm like a little helpful wedding elf.

Hmmm... Who is this one from...?

Beach towels!
Finally, something they can actually use on their honeymoon!  Apparently the pink towel was selected for Darren.

Whaaaat eeeeez eeeeeet....?

Lots of wonderful rose smellies is what it is.  Bath salts, and talc, and cream...

...and fizz balls and soap and all the wonderful things!

Travel bags. Super cool.

I wonder who these were from...?

My sister talks with her hands.
Mouse is getting frustrated guessing who this gift is from.  It's from me.  See how pretty I wrapped it?  Word of advice: using cellophane to wrap gifts in a house full of hairy pets is probably not very smart.

She liked it!

It must be the wad of bubblegum causing that face.  Because that was a really nice gift.

Sensible home toiletries and a face cloth that is too pretty to ever use.

Then all the guests left...

And that might have been when the drinking started.

The Bridal Shower Committee
MaHaw, Michele and me.  I'm the one behind the camera.

There may have been coffee tequila involved.

All in all it was a good day.  Mousie got some fabulous gifts so thank you to everyone her spoilt her so much!

A special thank you to my friend Sian for taking all the photographs and basically allowing us to remember the day (and me to write this post).

And an extra special thank you to the Bridal Shower Committee, for allowing me to dictate, more or less, and avoid phone calls.  Michele allowed us to host the shower at her lovely house and made those decadent purple velvet cupcakes! Michele is awesome! And thanks for the wonderful family time we enjoyed afterwards.  It was fabulous just sitting and chilling and laughing and drinking and dancing with you guys.

Next up... THE WEDDING!!!!

UPDATE: The Bachelor's Party was held the weekend after the Bridal Shower and before the weeding.  Although we don't actually know what took place at this secret, manly ritual we do have evidence that silliness was afoot.


  1. Sooo much fun. I love the gum idea, too funny. Lovely gifts and a lovely party. Great job Nikki!

    1. Thanks. Since we'd only just confirmed she's pregnant I had to think of something quick! I honestly think she would've preferred shots, she was looking a bit green towards the end ;)