Monday, 30 July 2012

PROJECT 365: Part 12

Last week was rather hectic with no time for blogging, so I have a bunch of photos to include in today's post.

Day 108: Clean (and surprisingly red) hair
My hair right after I washed it. It didn't actually look that red. Well, not when it was dry anyway.  I have since cut and coloured it again. I was aiming for brown but I think I got burgundy... I think tonight I'll take a comparison photo as today's photograph.

Day 109: Sunrise over Rendezvous
Just as I was pulling out to go to work.  And for the record, this is too early for me to be going to work.  To be going on holiday, yes.  To be going for a walk in the mountains, it's fine.  To be going for a game drive, awesome.  To be going to work, no.

Day 110: New hair!
It does look brown in this photo. Almost exactly the colour I wanted.  And I can never blow dry it the same as the hairdresser does.  So it probably doesn't look this good now.

Day 111: A girl and her duck.
As has been mentioned here before, I'm writing a blog with my good friend Lori Otto, called Read It & Eat.  Lori has such a nice photograph of herself as her profile photo and I had....a duck.  So I figured I needed to update it.  But I still needed to be recognizable to my many, many fans ;-)  So I kept the duck and added one girl.

Day 112: Wedding venue? Sorted.
I had to include a photo of the venue discovery, right?

Day 113: Duvet day.
This is the way every Monday should be spent. I'm just saying...

Day 114: Old Friends
The topic of another blog post, here.

These are my Harry Potter books! Aren't they beautiful?  Originally I had the normal books.  In fact my copy of The Philosopher's Stone is a soft cover given to me by my Dad one Christmas.  All my books were softcover until, I think, The Half Blood Prince.  I pre-ordered it and it was delivered to my door the day it was released.  It and The Deathly Hallows were hardcover, because frankly, I don't believe you can make books that size soft cover.  Well you shouldn't, as my first copy (soft cover) of the Lord of the Ring's proved.

I was given this set by my parents.  It was only missing The Deathly Hallows, which hadn't been published yet, but I added that as soon as I could.  My Mom now has my other set :)

Day 115: Fillerrup!!
Petrol went down like 80 cents! And now it's going up by 21 cents.  Typical.

Day 116: Winter struggle.
A daffodil in the museum garden.  In the middle of winter!  Pretty, hey?

Day 117: Reaper's last day at the museum.
Because the manager of the museum has got a new job and is leaving (tomorrow in fact) we decided it would be a good idea to rehome Reaper.  I'm not supposed to be here at Kruger Museum everyday, and she just felt better that he have a proper home.  A colleague in Johannesburg practically begged for him, so that's where he went.  I'm sure he didn't enjoy the trip, but I hope he's happy.  I miss him here, sleeping in my desk drawer.  I actually dreamt that he walked all the way back here.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that dream does not come true, because it is a long journey for one little cat.

Day 118: Happy french toast day
Nothing like french toast smothered in syrup!

Day 119: New mugs!
New mugs from my sister.  She sure does buy me a lot of mugs.  Actually, she buys me a lot, period.  These are cool, kinda retro.  They match my kitchen.

Day 120: Johannesburg.
The view over Johannesburg from the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital (previously the Johannesburg General).  My Dad had to have spinal surgery, to free his squished spinal cord.  I keep trying to find out what the procedure was actually called.  First I was told it was a cervical something fusion.  And now I'm being told it wasn't a fusion, it was a separation.  Suffice to say my Dad had a replacement vertebra (within some sort of cage apparently) put in his spine to relieve the pressure on his spinal cord which was smooshed, and thus causing short circuits in his nerve pathways and making him super twitchy.  How's that for a scientific explanation?

My Dad is also a haemophiliac which makes surgery kind of tricky.

Day 121: Alive and kicking!
He's aliiiiiiiiiiive!!! Seriously, I think many people didn't think he would survive this operation, including some family members.  But they obviously don't know my Dad very well.  The doctors and nurses were all very surprised at his quick recovery.  Only one day in Hi Care instead of the expected three.  And he was released on Friday, when it was thought he would only be out sometime after the weekend.  He was badgering the nursing staff to let him walk twelve hours after the operation.  I think the main reason though, was because he wanted to go smoke ;)

I just spoke with him on the phone, and he has been given the all clear by his haematologist.  He has to see the neurosurgeon in a month.  I just hope he takes it a little easy till then.

Day 122: A trip to the vet.
So just as my Dad is getting better, Shilo gets sick.  Turns out he had an abscess on his jaw, even though the vet said his teeth are perfect.  My dog is perfect in every way.  The abscess was lanced, and he was so sore and quiet that evening.  But he too, is fully recovered.  I, however, have not yet recovered from the vet bill.

Day 123: Convalescing doggy. With his doodlebug.
He was still quiet on Thursday, but started perking up that afternoon.  Doodlebug is my new favourite word, and when I saw that squeaky toy, I immediately thought "That's Shilo's doodlebug!"  Where did I come across this word, you might ask.  In a fic. During a pain slave scene.  I don't even know.

Day 124: the Human Sciences Building where I am currently lecturing. Right this minute.
Yes.  Some silly people thought it would be a good idea to let me influence younger minds.  I have been presenting the 4 lecture course on Collection Management, Oral History and Museum Ethics since 2008.  And they keep asking me back.  I can't be that bad then, I guess.

Day 125: Weekend chores.
Because owning pets has it's disadvantages.  My weekend was spent trying to get the smell of cat pee out of my favourite chair.  The cats have now also been banned from the living room.

Day 126: Good as new... Sorta.
I am ashamed to admit that I have neglected my docs.  But they got a good cleaning and polishing, with museum grade wax I might add.  That's coz I don't actually have shoe polish....

So, the Olympic Games have begun!  I had the best time with some of my favourite tweeps on Friday, playing 'relate that country to Twilight' during the Parade of Countries towards the end of the Opening Ceremony.  The UK sure put on an awesosme show!  Good luck to all countries and teams and may Team South African win all the gold ;)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime

My sister, Lisa and her fiance, Darren, have finally set a date.  Well actually, it's not so 'finally', as they only got engaged on Valentine's Day.  But we don't talk about that. The Valentine's Day engagement, I mean.  No we don't... ;)

Weddings are super expensive apparently (I wouldn't know), and we are not extraordinarily wealthy.  But they found a place that was having a 'wedding special' and are getting quite a lot at really good value. So I'm told.

It's not every day you have a wedding in the family, so I thought this would be a good thing to share with y'all.  My sister is eccentric at best, and just plain weird at worst.  So this should be interesting.  I'm the maid of honour. Or the bridesmaid. One of those is what I am, so I get to put in input into this wedding.  Lisa (okay, I cannot call her that. To me she's Mousie, so...) Mousie has asked for my help in the planning because she seems to think I'm a planner and that I have good ideas.  I keep telling her that good are the only sort of ideas I have.  So between the two of us, this wedding could be a disaster!  But at least they have the venue, and the staff there have a good idea as to how these things go, so they may save the day.

On Sunday we went to have a look at the venue. De Haven Oost is about 30 minutes away from my house, and about 2 minutes away from the farm museum where I sometimes work.  It's kind of in the country and away from the hustle and bustle, but I think the thing that really sold it for Mousie and Darren was the unusual, quirky decor and the super relaxed atmosphere.  I took the photos with my phone and they're not great, but you should get the general idea.  Also, as we will be returning during the next three months in preparation for the main event, I will take my camera along for photos for subsequent blog posts.

So come with me and lets plan a wedding!

First, let me introduce you to the happy couple.

Darren Favish on the left. Lisa Haw, soon to be Favish, on the right.
 I'm not familiar with the horny little devil in the middle. 
In Afrikaans we have a saying, 'elke pot het sy deksel'; every pot has it's lid.  And Darren is my sister's lid.  He doesn't get irritated with her (which at times he really should do) and he can calm down her hissy fits like no-one else.

De Haven Oost has a really rustic feel to it.  It should be great for photographs of the happy couple.

As I mentioned, the decor is quirky and this is not the only water feature.

This way to the chapel, restaurant and guest suites.  Notice what's parked underneath that sign?  I wonder if we can get picture of the bride astride that. Or the (okay I just looked it up. I'm the ...) maid of honour.  I think the maid of honour would look superb sitting on that.

Apparently there are guest suites, should guests want to stay overnight.  This particular one, as you can see is the bridal suite.

And everything is made out of corrugated iron! It's SO awesome! We will have this suite at our disposal the morning of the wedding to get the bride all beautiful and blushing and after the whole shebang is over this is where the new Mr. and Mrs. will be spending the night.  We don't talk about that either (she's my sister, eeeeew).  And the next morning they will be served a bridal breakfast before they leave.

The chapel.  Mousie was particularly taken with the fairy lights.  I seem to be rubbing off on her.  Now this will be a non-denominational wedding. Darren is Jewish, Mousie is Christian in a Methodist kind of way, but neither are fervent in their religious beliefs.  However, a few traditional elements could be fun (wags eyebrows at Mousie..), a little glass smashing, a little Hava Nagila... Huh? HUH?! Exactly right.  All my ideas are good.

The reception hall.  Check out those cool chairs!

The table of honour for the bride and groom. Just them.  I will insist they keep it this way for Mousie's wedding.  It will make it easier to throw things at the happy couple when they are sitting front and centre if no-one is around them.

The dance-floor/lounging area.  It's a little separated from the main reception hall which is great.  If my music machines make music loud enough for this space, I will be in charge of the music. Hehe...

More of the reception hall with an example of a seating chart.

The public restroom!  I just can't wait to pee here!

Another water feature.  See? Quirky.  Photo opportunities galore!

"Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin."  This wedding has awesome potential!

So save the date! 24 November 2012.  And follow our progress or lack thereof right here.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

PROJECT 365: Part 11

And the good news is I have my car back!

Day 93: She's back! And super shiny :)
Finally! And my Dad washed and polished her for me.  I am enjoying the heater and radio SO much!

Day 94: Violent restoration.
Work on the restoration of the Kruger House is ongoing.  And sometimes headache inducing.

Day 95: Belligerent turkey

Seriously, either this turkey is attracted to me or threatened by me.  Every time I'm at the farmyard of the farm museum, this guy finds me, sidles up to me, puffs out, makes gobbley noises and leers at me out of one eye.  I'm thinking of having turkey for Christmas dinner this year...

Day 96: Paws for thought.
He's such a lady... Erm...

Day 97: My favourite pixie.
Meet Calia, my friends daughter.  She is too cute and waaay too clever.  I got to spend the day with their family, as they took me to see Disney on Ice for my birthday.  My friend understands that I am actually a 5 year old in a 33 year old body, and panders to that fact.  It works out well as her daughter is four ;D

Day 98: Wishy Washy.
Laundry is just never done!  My weekends seem to be always full of laundry.

Day 99: Phases of restoration

They are working right outside my office door, so I can't help but take photo's of the restoration of the house.  In fact, I'm now making sure I take pictures every day, documenting the progress.

Day 100: Winter blossoms.
The flowers of a petrea, which blooms bright purple flowers every winter.  It always seems so incongruous to have them littering the path at this time of year.

Day 101: Hidden vent.
A discovery made during the restoration.  This vent was found under a part of the stoop along the back of the house.  Apparently, vents like this were put in to provide air flow for the wooden floors of Victorian houses so that the wood was kept at a pretty constant temperature and humidity and didn't swell, or shrink or crack.  The existence of this vent proves that originally the stoop at the back did not run the length of the house.  However it seems the additional part of the stoop was added soon after completion of the house.  Obviously no-one cared about the floors and we're lucky they seem to have weathered the lack of extra air flow.  Discoveries like this are fun!

Day 102: Is it ready yet?
My ice-cream cone timer that my sister bought me.  It's so cool!

Day 103: Like diamond sparkles.
Zoom lenses with a macro function make the ordinary fun!

Day 104: Sushi experience.
My first sushi.  My sister wants to take me to a restaurant where you can see them preparing it.  I did rather enjoy it, but I'm not so sure about the seaweed wrapping (almost) everything.  It doesn't taste so bad, and doesn't feel too awful, but I find thinking about what is actually in my mouth while I'm eating it makes me a bit squeamish.

Day 105: Oliver. My guy.
The elusive Oliver!  I got Oliver about 3 months after I got Sam (I think she's Day 11's photo).  Luckily he was about the same age as Sam was.  There has never been a friendlier, more gentle cat.  But he does like his freedom, and LOVES being out in the bush.  So getting a photo of him can be difficult.  But he is my guy.  When Sam went missing for 17 days, he stayed by my side almost constantly, and when we walked around looking for her he followed close at my heels.  And when Sam gets stuck up trees (which doesn't happen so much anymore) I swear he comes and calls me and then practically takes me to where she is.  I love him.  And the dogs love him!  I must try get a photo of one of their threesomes.

Day 106: 'You have access!'
New security at the big museum and I am authorised.  I know this because a disembodied female voice tells me so every time I put my finger on the pad.

Day 107: Office distractions
We all need them.  And this one sparkles!

I do like sparkly stuff ;)