Monday, 25 March 2013

The eReader Cafe: Author Interview with Lori L. Otto

A wonderful interview with a wonderful author!

The eReader Cafe: Author Interview with Lori L. Otto: Author Interview with Lori L. Otto   Good Sunday morning! Today I have the fortune of sitting down with Contemporary author, Lor...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Balled and Chained i.e. The Wedding

So this is a really long time coming.  Only three months late... I'm sorry.  Forgive me?

Let's jump right in.  This post is going to be ALL pictures with very little writing.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So get ready for a gazillion words worth of pictures!  And a huge thank you to Michele, our second sister, Ma's third daughter and Mouse's best friend for taking the majority of these wonderful photographs.  She did a fantastic job of capturing the day, authentically and candidly without any stuffy formal poses.  Smooches to Michele!

And hugs to Sian, my wonderful friend, who gave Mouse a CD of the photographs she took during the Day, some of which I have used as well.

To recap...

This is what it's all about.
We woke up on the Saturday morning to a relatively overcast and drizzly day.  Everybody kept telling Mouse that rain on your wedding day is lucky.  But she was still quite calm, despite the weather. 

While the staff at the wedding venue were putting this together...

Reception Hall

Seating plan and head table.


Where the happy couple would be spending their first night of wedded bliss.
... we began putting ourselves together, starting with our hair.
Oooh pretty!
Then we drove to the venue to continue our primping there.  Mom was the official makeup artist for this lavish affair, making the bride, the maid of honour, the mother of the groom and herself look beyootiful.

First up, the bride.  Mom attended to herself when she had a chance.

The designated music person, Megan (dressed in the peach coloured dress) assisted as needed.  Here you can see me, mom dollying up the mother of the groom, Mouse puckering up and Megan helping Megan (the bridesmaid) with her hair.
You'd think it would've got confusing with two Megans, but we managed fine.

All the bling.




The HawFolks. I think they like each other...

Can I come out?  Yep, we're ready!

Bridal retinue is a GO!

Everybody is waiting!

The iPod Touch my friend Lori gave me had a very important role in the wedding.  It played the processional and recessional music! The happy couple chose The Vitamin String Quartet's version of Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss A Thing for the processional music, and I chose their version of All You Need Is Love for after the ceremony.  Megan, she of the peach dress, was in charge of playing the music at the right times and she did an excellent job of listening to my precise instructions despite my inability to follow those same instructions...
Standing next to Darren is his Best Man and best friend, Darryl.

It's aisle time!

Very serious business.

Exchanging rings.

Making it all legal...

It's official!

Official photographer and designated music person.  Also known as Michele and her daughter, Megan.

Smooches and confetti and bouquets hoisted as trophies!

All you need is Love. Dum da dum da dum...


Just Married.

They look kinda happy, don't they.

The wedding party, from left to right: Megan the Bridesmaid; Nikki the Maid of Honour; Marcus the Father of the Bride; Yo the Mother of the Bride (crouching mother hidden tickle); Lisa the Bride; Darren the Groom; Becky the Mother of the Groom; Darryl the Best Man; Stan step-Father of the Groom.
Happy Families.

It's a wedding party.

The four original Haws.
Time to get silly.
Me and my famdamily.
Shoes.                                                                   No Shoes.                                 Dancing Shoes!
Where's the baby?                                                       There's the baby. Yay!

Celebrate good times! Come On and Hava Nagila!

Speeches.  And a few tears.
Fairy tale wedding fairy cakes.

First dance.  And other stuff.
Throwing the bouquet.  Catching the bouquet.  And guess who caught the garter.

It's a Party in the RSA!

Flower petals and bubbles for the newly weds.
The morning after with the new mister and missus.
So that happened.  Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us.  Thanks to everyone who made the day possible and improved it impossibly.  And thanks to everyone who has followed this journey here on the blog.
Next up... We'll be birthing a baby :)