Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime

My sister, Lisa and her fiance, Darren, have finally set a date.  Well actually, it's not so 'finally', as they only got engaged on Valentine's Day.  But we don't talk about that. The Valentine's Day engagement, I mean.  No we don't... ;)

Weddings are super expensive apparently (I wouldn't know), and we are not extraordinarily wealthy.  But they found a place that was having a 'wedding special' and are getting quite a lot at really good value. So I'm told.

It's not every day you have a wedding in the family, so I thought this would be a good thing to share with y'all.  My sister is eccentric at best, and just plain weird at worst.  So this should be interesting.  I'm the maid of honour. Or the bridesmaid. One of those is what I am, so I get to put in input into this wedding.  Lisa (okay, I cannot call her that. To me she's Mousie, so...) Mousie has asked for my help in the planning because she seems to think I'm a planner and that I have good ideas.  I keep telling her that good are the only sort of ideas I have.  So between the two of us, this wedding could be a disaster!  But at least they have the venue, and the staff there have a good idea as to how these things go, so they may save the day.

On Sunday we went to have a look at the venue. De Haven Oost is about 30 minutes away from my house, and about 2 minutes away from the farm museum where I sometimes work.  It's kind of in the country and away from the hustle and bustle, but I think the thing that really sold it for Mousie and Darren was the unusual, quirky decor and the super relaxed atmosphere.  I took the photos with my phone and they're not great, but you should get the general idea.  Also, as we will be returning during the next three months in preparation for the main event, I will take my camera along for photos for subsequent blog posts.

So come with me and lets plan a wedding!

First, let me introduce you to the happy couple.

Darren Favish on the left. Lisa Haw, soon to be Favish, on the right.
 I'm not familiar with the horny little devil in the middle. 
In Afrikaans we have a saying, 'elke pot het sy deksel'; every pot has it's lid.  And Darren is my sister's lid.  He doesn't get irritated with her (which at times he really should do) and he can calm down her hissy fits like no-one else.

De Haven Oost has a really rustic feel to it.  It should be great for photographs of the happy couple.

As I mentioned, the decor is quirky and this is not the only water feature.

This way to the chapel, restaurant and guest suites.  Notice what's parked underneath that sign?  I wonder if we can get picture of the bride astride that. Or the (okay I just looked it up. I'm the ...) maid of honour.  I think the maid of honour would look superb sitting on that.

Apparently there are guest suites, should guests want to stay overnight.  This particular one, as you can see is the bridal suite.

And everything is made out of corrugated iron! It's SO awesome! We will have this suite at our disposal the morning of the wedding to get the bride all beautiful and blushing and after the whole shebang is over this is where the new Mr. and Mrs. will be spending the night.  We don't talk about that either (she's my sister, eeeeew).  And the next morning they will be served a bridal breakfast before they leave.

The chapel.  Mousie was particularly taken with the fairy lights.  I seem to be rubbing off on her.  Now this will be a non-denominational wedding. Darren is Jewish, Mousie is Christian in a Methodist kind of way, but neither are fervent in their religious beliefs.  However, a few traditional elements could be fun (wags eyebrows at Mousie..), a little glass smashing, a little Hava Nagila... Huh? HUH?! Exactly right.  All my ideas are good.

The reception hall.  Check out those cool chairs!

The table of honour for the bride and groom. Just them.  I will insist they keep it this way for Mousie's wedding.  It will make it easier to throw things at the happy couple when they are sitting front and centre if no-one is around them.

The dance-floor/lounging area.  It's a little separated from the main reception hall which is great.  If my music machines make music loud enough for this space, I will be in charge of the music. Hehe...

More of the reception hall with an example of a seating chart.

The public restroom!  I just can't wait to pee here!

Another water feature.  See? Quirky.  Photo opportunities galore!

"Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin."  This wedding has awesome potential!

So save the date! 24 November 2012.  And follow our progress or lack thereof right here.


  1. hello nikki
    cool blog, all tho you could have posted a nicer pic of us. i have sent u plenty

    but nice
    lets see how this works out
    oh and this might be a good momento to keep for posterity if you blogging througout the planning


  2. hi nikki

    how come this pic was posted .you forgot to post the colour of my yami


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings. I can't wait to read and see all about it!!


    I love the venue. It looks amazing and it has lots of conversation starters for the guests.

    Have fun and enjoy the planning.

    1. Yes, it should be interesting ;)