Monday, 13 August 2012

The Colour Purple and other Fairy Tales

The Wedding part 2 (go here for part 1)

The most important thing to choose after you've chosen your bridegroom is, apparently the 'wedding colours'. And maybe a theme.  Maybe the colours are the theme...  Fortunately for Mousie, she didn't have to think very hard about the colours.  She didn't have to tell me either, coz I just knew they would be... Purple, Silver and Black.

The theme came about from the invitation wording, which I found on the interwebs.  I sent a whole bunch of wording possibilities for her to choose from but I just knew she would choose the one she chose.

A fairytale invitation
"Join us for a Fairy Tale Wedding, the beginning of our 'Happily Ever After'."  So I figured she sorta chose her theme right there, i.e. we're going with a slight fairy tale theme.  I suggested tiny bottles of fairy dust for the girly wedding gifts and she thought maybe chocolates with appropriate wording for the boys.  Let us know if you have any other cost effective ideas for wedding guest gifts. It has also been decided (I think the decision is final) that the wedding cake will be a mountain of fairy cakes.  Cupcakes are also known as fairy cakes, so there you go.

I may buy them each a fairy crown.  Maybe...

Yesterday we returned to the venue so that the happy couple could decide on their table settings.  There were two possibilities and in the end it was decided to alternate the two table settings.

Table setting one.
Table setting two
The centrepieces will be like the one on table two, a posey of purple flowers.  And the serviettes will be purple and black.

Something like this, but with black.
The floral centrepieces. The wedding bouquets will be similar.

My parents came with to see the venue, and add any ideas.  They really liked the place.  Even PopHaw said it was just right for them and kind of cozy and MaHaw added some great ideas for the table decor. 

Busy, busy making ideas.

The menu was briefly discussed and some changes were made.  We also more or less decided how we're going to do the music.  Oh did I mention?  I'm in charge of all the wedding music (insert evil cackle here).  To save money, and because I have a wealth of musical material, it was decided not to have a DJ.  We will be getting decent speakers and I will be running everything from my laptop.  Speaking of which, I have 8 versions of Hava Nagila just for the happy, happy day ;)

Serious business, weddings.

All in all progress was made, and Mousie and Darren seem quite happy with all the arrangements so far.

Don't they?

So those are the plans, so far. Dresses are being discussed.  I want a charcoal dress.  And I need two pairs of shoes, I decided.  One pretty, high heel pair for the chapel, because I never wear high heels (I can't) and I never get the chance to buy such pretty shoes because I don't wear them.  The second pair will be ballet flats in the same colour, for dancing.  I just have to decide on the colour.  I have decided that my sister will be wearing purple shoes, and she also needs a second paior for dancing.  There are no clear wedding dress visions yet, we will be looking for the just right one.

There are a few exploratory shopping days planned for the near future, and I will be sure to keep y'all posted.

Save the date! 24 November 2012

And please send music suggestions for the Wedding Playlist :)


  1. Wow, wow and wow. I love every inch of everything you posted here. I especially love how happy the couple looks in their picture. I think a purple sash on the wedding dress could be lovely and perhaps matching on your charcoal maid of honor dress. I can not wait to see the pictures when this all happens.

    I will assume you will have some Twilight Saga soundtrack songs in the list ;)

    As for me "At Last" by Etta James is always a beautiful wedding song for couples to dance to.

    1. Your purple sash idea is excellent! We may use that.

      Twilight tracks are definitely on the list! So far sis wants Neutron Star Collision and I want Supermassive Black Hole. I'm sure more will be added.

      I love that At Last and I found a lovely violin quartet version, which sis could maybe use as her processional music. She hasn't decided if she wants to go traditional or not for that yet.

      Thanks for still reading!