Wednesday, 24 December 2014

#LoriOttoChristmasSale 2.

Lost and Found (book one) 99¢ (R11.52ish)
After swearing off love with Emi in a silly high school pact, Nate has been seeing other women in hopes of finding one that evokes stronger feelings than the ones he’s been harboring for Emi since he was a teen. Over the span of a year, boundaries are crossed, feelings are confessed, and their unique friendship begins to blossom into something more. With a promising future ahead of them both, fate intervenes to bring two soul mates together. —summary courtesy of Lori L. Otto

MY REVIEW - Emotive Writing
I love this series so much, I now have all three books on my Kindle, iBooks, and two copies of each on my bookshelf. This first book really draws you into the rest of the series. Even though you may not like, or agree with, the main characters all the time, and even though you might want to slap them often, you become invested in them because they are such real characters.

These people could be your friends, people you grew up with. You love them and accept their flaws as part of them. Lori L. Otto's writing style is very emotive; you feel what the characters are feeling and go through their joys and sorrows with them. The characters are far from perfect, and their insecurities and bad decisions are frequently shown.
This book just left me wanting more, and I bought the second and third books before I had finished reading the first. A worthwhile addition to any bibliophile's collection. I've already re-read this first book twice and I know that I will come back and visit with these friends often.
Isn't it marvellous when a book keeps you thinking long after you've put it down?
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