Wednesday, 24 December 2014

#LoriOttoChristmasSale 4.

Never Look Back (book three) 99¢ (R11.52ish)

To say Emi’s life over the past two years has had its share of peaks and valleys is an understatement – and her friends and family would agree. In the conclusion to Emi Lost & Found, Jack guides Emi through a year of self-discovery, and teaches her that faith in true love – and in soul mates – can yield happiness from even the darkest of places. —summary courtesy of Lori L. Otto

MY REVIEW - #teamJacks
HEA's do happen, even though they can happen in unexpected ways.
This last book in the trilogy takes us through Emi's final journey to get her HEA. There are stops and bumps and sharp turns along the way. But she gets there in the end. And Jackson Holland the second is there to help her. Jacks is a true knight in shining armour. I have an incredible crush on him. And the best thing about him? He's willing to help Emi on her way, even if her final destination does not include him.
(PS. Jacks is pretty close to perfect. But this book shows us he IS human. Wonderfully so.)
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