Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New Covers for Emi Lost and Found

Hey there! Long time no blog.

Life has been pretty hectic, but with no really interesting blogable things happening. However that changed this week, with Lori L. Otto announcing new covers for her series, Emi Lost and Found.

First, Ms Otto released the new cover for the prequel to the series, Not Today, But Someday.

Fabulous, right?

To read her blog post about this release go here.

Next we were treated to the new cover for the bundled series:

Fantastic, right??

To read the blog post about this new edition, go here.

And finally, last night (or this morning, depending on where you are) we finally got to see the new cover of the first book in the series, Lost and Found:

Gorgeous, RIGHT???

To read the post about this gorgeous cover, go here.

Everybody needs this on their e-reader and on their bookshelf.

These covers were photographed and designed by Christi Allen Curtis with the assistance of Katrina Boone, and the lovely model who provides the perfect face for Emi is Alex Wheelus, and they have all done an awesome job, in my humble opinion.

Now I have to say, I loved the covers of my first paperbacks of the series:

The first paperbacks on my bookshelf of the Emi Lost and Found Series

And I was thrilled with the second set of paperbacks on my bookshelf:

I will always love these covers.

But to be honest, my love for these covers has a lot to do with the content.  I would probably love the books if they were covered in refuse bags, that is how much I love this series.  But I recognise that each edition has been an improvement on the last.

With the new covers that are now being released, I feel the Lori, Christi and Katrina have outdone themselves.  And let's face it, photographic covers seem to be the most popular within the market, and these books deserve to be seen by a wider audience.  I hope these covers convince new readers to give this series a chance, and give themselves a chance to fall in love with these characters who have become old and very dear friends to me.

If you haven't already, go treat yourself and get these books with their wonderful new covers.  You won't be disappointed.  The next two books in the series will be released with their new covers soon.

Where to buy.

(remember, new covers have so far been released for Not Today, But Someday,
Emi Lost and Found Bundled Series, and Lost and Found, the first book in the series.  Wait for the cover releases of Time Stands Still and Never Look Back before you buy those)

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