Friday, 19 October 2012

PROJECT 365: Part 16

Today is a very special day.  It's Shilo's birthday! Not the day I got him but his actual birthday.  So he will be the star of the last photo.  My baby boy is 3 years old today!

On with the show.

Day 188: Birthday present success!
This is the same pixie from Day 97.  It was her 5th birthday the day before and so we had a cupcake party on the Saturday.  She is still very much into Disney Princesses and the one clothing store had a whole range of em, so she got this one from me.  With matching shoes.  Which don't fit and need to be changed.  But from the look on her face I think I did okay.

Day 189: Wedding dancing shoes.
My sister and Darren showed up with these on the Sunday.  because there is no way I'll be able to spend the entire wedding reception wearing those other shoes!  These are my dancing shoes, and they're almost exactly the same purple as the ceremony shoes.  I kinda want to wear them already, but I'm being very good waiting until the wedding.

Day 190: Alien looking flower buds.
So these are poppies.  Poppy buds.  In Afrikaans, poppies are papawers (pah pah verrs) and the street I grew up on (the photograph for Day 1) is Papawer Street.  And now papawers are blooming at my work place.  Ah, the circle of life.  Or something.  Frankly, these buds freak me out a little...  They look like something out of Little Shop of Horrors.  Or Alien.

Day 191: Silhouette of industry.
I am so proud of this photo.  It was taken with my camera phone from inside the car.  The glare on the windscreen was just right and my little camera phone captured it just perfectly.  I pass this cement factory on my one route home (I have about 8 routes to and from work.  I like to mix things up) and I've been wanting to include it in a photo but nothing was ever right.  Till I got lucky with this!

Day 192: Home of the best 'slap' chips in Pretoria.
One of my Facebook friends asked the question, "what are slap chips?" This is was I told her:

Slap: Afrikaans word meaning 'loose' or 'slack'. (kinda pronounced slahp) Slap chips are sloppy greasy fries and are best when soaked in salt and vinegar.
 Apparently I made her hungry ;)

Day 193: Meeting.
This was a meeting to discuss our rushed planning of an event not actually planned for because top management are douche canoes.  See? I do actually do work.  Sometimes...

Day 194: Through the fence - Tree Agama!
It's such a pity that the fence got in the way.  This guy ran across the driveway while I was leaving for work this particular morning.  While I was fumbling for my camera to get a photo of him for y'all, he crossed the driveway, scuttled under the fence and proceeded to scramble up the tree.  Isn't he pretty.  Oliver killed one just a week prior to this.  And I stepped on it in the dark.  That one wasn't so pretty.

Day 195: A book rug hard at work.
My awesome friend Worm sent me this book rug all the way from America!  Yes we are still going through the wonderful items sent to me from Utah, and we are still not done.  My book rug is currently marking my place in The Casual Vacancy, which I am thoroughly enjoying even though JK Rowling describing genitals leaves me somewhat uncomfortable.  Not the genitals being described, you understand, just the fact that she's the one doing it...

Day 196: Lazy Sunday.
It really was.  And Oliver thoroughly enjoyed it.

Day 197: International familiarity.
See?  Even South Africa has these!  We may not have Netflix, but we do have McDonald's.

Day 198: Workday saviour. Yum!
I got this bag of tea at a 'High Tea' Exhibition Opening at the University of Pretoria Museums ages ago.  I kept it in my work bag for emergencies and promptly forgot about it.  This day was kind of rough as the unplanned event we were planning for was happening the next day, and while looking through my bag for I don't know what, I found this.  It really was a saviour.  And delicious.

Day 199: Officially open for business.
The event.  The re-opening of the Kruger Museum took place on 10 October, the birthday of Paul Kruger, not on 1 October with little fanfare as was originally planned.  There is still so much to do at the museum.  The exterior has been renovated but now the interior really needs to be done.  Stakeholders and press were invited and in the end we had about 34 people.  It turned out as well as could be expected.  And the sky was particularly lovely that evening.

Day 200: 'Slap' chips, just for Charity ;)
Taken specially for my friend... Yummy.

Day 201: Mah Rain Boots!
So, the previous day, while purchasing said slap chips and sundry other munchies, I got caught in a rainstorm.  A huge rainstorm.  And I was wearing ballet flats, as I do, and they got so wet.  Well, all of me got wet, but walking around in squelchy shoes is not pleasant.  So when the next morning dawned, as rainy as ever with puddles everywhere, I took preemptive action and wore my rainboots.  I have another pair, pink ones with pictures of marshmallows all over them.  But they didn't match what I was wearing.  The way the weather has been lately, I'm sure I will get a chance to wear the pink ones soon.

Day 202: I think they like each other.
Seriously, how cute is my herd?!  The dogs absolutely LOVE Oliver.  Too much in fact, because often they take turns trying to love him to death.  And Oliver, who is a very capable man cat, just takes it.  He very seldom tries to get away, let alone fight them off.  He has to be really fed up to wail and make his escape.  And they make him SO wet with love slobber!

Day 203: Nursery school graduation present. 28 years later and still going strong.
I would've been about 5 years old when I got this.  All the children in the class got one with their name on.  I wonder how many still have theirs...?  I think, I'm not sure but I think, the class or grade we were in was called the 'Giraffes'.  If I remember right there were 3 grades and they each had animal names, but I can't for the life of me remember the younger ones.  'Giraffes' was the 'big' class.

Day 204: To blow a fuse - to explode with anger; to lose one's temper OR when your stove overheats...
I put the oven on to heat up and then suddenly, it just stopped...  And the funny thing was I had found some spare fuses that same day but of course, they weren't the right voltage.  Murphy can feck right off.

Day 205: Gloriously green!
Really, with all the rain we've having everything is so gloriously green right now.  It makes me smile all the time.

Day 206: A ducks dog tags.
My sister had these made for me at one of those arcade machines that stamp them out super quick.  Can anyone read what they say...?

Day 207: So pretty.
As I said on my Facebook post, I'm posting a lot of plant photos right now, but everything is so lush and pretty right now, I can't even be sorry.  Also, I'm pretty sure these are weeds.  I wish they'd grow in my garden.

And finally....

Day 208: Somebody is 3 years old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHILO!
Three years ago today, my then Caretaker's dog had puppies.  I had to go see coz how often do you get to see hour old puppies?  I was thinking of taking one, maybe, because the mommy was a Jack Russell and the daddy was a Jack Russell cross and one of the nicest doggies I've ever met, and I always did like Jack Russells.

I'm not sure if it was the same day or not but when my parents came to visit I had to take them to see, coz how often do you get to see hour or day old puppies?  And I wanted some help in deciding if I should take one and if I should, which one?  I quite liked the one with the all white body.  I knew I didn't want a black and white one, don't know why, I just didn't.

Shilo at 3 days old.
And after seeing them, my Dad joked that I should "take the one with the bum on his head".  Twas fate, coz the one with the 'bum' on his head was also the one with the all white body.  PopHaw sees things differently.  I have photos starting from the day he was born, documenting all the stages of his young life; his eyes opening, him sitting, him walking...  Wasn't my baby the cutest thing ever? And isn't he now the handsomest thing ever?
Pretty sure there will be some stages of Shilo twitter spamming tonight ;)
I love you all!


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    1. He is very snuggly. Especially with the unseasonally cold weather we've been having. And the rain. he hates the rain. So he's been indoors much more than usual ;)