Thursday, 7 July 2011


A word on FanFiction: DON'T DO IT.  My world was fine until I discovered fanfiction. I read books, real books.  Now, I cannot stop with the fanfiction.  Its all Twilight's fault of course (most things are, I find).  I still don't understand the fascination with that saga, although I, myself, suffer from it.  And now... fanfiction.  I am managing to stay away from other themes and am sticking to the Twilight fic.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I don't know, but I figure I don't need to get hooked on, say, The Sound of Music Fanfiction.  One theme is enough, thank you! 

So. Now that's off my chest I'm gonna do a rec.  I could recommend a lot. But I won't, I'll just rec one. This time. 

Some fanfic is not that great. With some, the story idea is great, but the writing crap.  With others, the writing is very good, and the idea, not so much.  With some, the silly grammatical errors annoy you so much YOU JUST WANNA SCREAM. Or maybe thats just me.  Sometimes, if you're lucky you'll get an excellent merging of idea and writing skill.  Ok, after writing that now I have to rec 2 stories:

The first is Within These Walls, by HeartofDarkness & Totteacher.  This story explores how Alice came to be in a mental asylum and consequently changed into a vampire.  Its not very long, and is complete.  For some reason this story has not got many reviews, and its well written and interesting to read.  Other fics have thousands of reviews and are badly written and rather boring (perhaps the reviews are flaming ones, but then that's just mean).  Anyway I really enjoyed this and feel it should be paid more attention.

The other story is Prelude in C, which is again a canon fic, focusing on how Carlisle and Edward came together.  This story is excellently written, and is only the second fic by the author, AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed.  It is not complete, but is updated regularly.  The following for this fic seems to be growing and it has been nominated for a few fic awards.  The Edward is REALLY well written and I find myself hardly ever wanting to slap him, so there's that.  The imagery is lovely and you really get caught up in the characters.

There are alot of other fics I could recommend.  Some are All Human stories with disturbing but compelling themes, some are just fluff.  Fluff has its place.  I've already mentioned MotU in a previous post.  My favorite All Human are Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003 and Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik.  My favourite supernatural/alternate universe fic is Osa Bella by Myg. 

There's lots more but that's enough now.  Can I just say that the really good stories would be REALLY good even if the names Bella and Edward (or any of the others) were not used.  Sometimes its really the story that's interesting and gets you thinking, without the Twilight connection being necessary at all.

But enough about that now. Have a good July :)

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