Friday, 25 February 2011

The Bucket List - as in the list that will cause me to kick said bucket....

So, I think I've mentioned that so far 2011 has not been that great.  I was asked the other day what was wrong and I was suprised when I spouted off the following list:
  • In January my flat was flooded. For the 3rd time.  Enough is enough already and I'm moving to a bigger flat 3 doors down, which has never flooded. Yet.  Problem is the current, non-paying tenants are refusing to move, and the landlords are too soft hearted.  I say call the police and physically remove their sponging arses, but apparently being 'diplomatic' is the in thing.  So I am currently camped out in my living room, as the bedroom is growing mould, with half my belongings in the garage.  I am tired of the lounge...
  • As a result of the current living conditions something gets broken weekly cause nothing is in its place & the cats believe EVERY surface is actually a place where they must lie & stretch out...& knock things off. I am sure its on purpose.  
...Or else there is something else going on that I don't know about...
  • About 2 weeks ago lightning struck my house leaving a scorch mark inside, and me with a headache & a blown laptop cord.
  • An lare amount of money got teaken off my credit card from May 2010! I mean, WTF? And I can't argue cause that amount was never payed so I did actually owe the money.  The monthly budget is now a clusterfuck.
  • A week ago I was booked off work for the week with 'atypical pneumonia'. Atypical apparetnly meaning the type of pneumonia that hangs around for ages leaving you feeling like crap for weeks.
  • I have been landed with a rescue doggie who has serious confidence issues and so pee's ALL OVER MY CHAOTIC HOUSE!
Thing is it seems that 2011 is not going so good for many other people either.  Money is scarce, hospital visits are many, children have measels, depression is at an all time high (there is a jooke in there somewhere, I just know it, but I'm too tired to scrummage in my brain for it).

So what is going on?  Either the world is going to end in the next 3 months or 2011 is gonna end on such a good note that we'll all like win the loterry or something.  Currently I am voting for the former....

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